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Datastream in Excel: Date Range and Frequency

This guide explains how to set up a search query for static or time series requests in Datastream

Data Range and Frequency

Select a date range and frequency to execute your time-series request. The date range can be selected in several different ways.

  • Select a standardized start date and end date from the Start Date and End Date dropdown menus.
  • Type in start and end dates using the MM/DD/YY format. To include today as the end date, leave the End Date menu blank.
  • Select a set length of time for the series. For example, to pull ten years of data, type -10Y in the Start Date menu.
  • Select a beginning and ending year by typing a starting year in the Start Date menu and an ending year in the End Date menu, in the four digit YYYY format.

Frequency is the amount of time between data observations. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual from the Frequency dropdown menu to set the frequency.

Click Submit to submit your request and pull the data.