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Web Archiving for the Arts and Historic Preservation: Home

Web archiving for the fine arts and historic preservation in the city of Philadelphia.

The Fisher Fine Arts Web Archiving Program

The Fisher Fine Arts Web Archive collects, facilitates access, and preserves web content that documents, reflects, and provides value to the arts and historic preservation disciplines in Philadelphia. The program aims to archive web content and practices to provide future researchers an accurate representation of what accessing this material looked like today. We welcome research and collaboration.

Why archive the web?

The nature of scholarly and artistic output is growing in complexity and as traditional print publications migrate online, it has become necessary to shift the approach to collection building, access, and preservation. To make sure this content survives and informs the historical record, it must be preserved in real-time.

Web archiving is the process of preserving web content in an archival format and providing access to these collections. At Penn, we are interested in web archiving to preserve the record of web pages relating to the fine arts and historic preservation in the city of Philadelphia. Read more about what we're archiving in the Collection Development Policy section.



Learn about web archiving

The Fisher Fine Arts Library offers workshops, lectures, and one-on-one training on the following web archiving topics. If you want to learn more about web archiving, please email Coral Salomón at

What is web archiving?

• Instruction on web archiving as a concept.

• Training on the different tools available to preserve websites, social media, YouTube videos, and other content.

• Ethical and legal issues and best practices for web archiving.

How can I find missing news articles, websites, and other online material that has disappeared?

• How to use web archives for personal inquiry and research needs.

• Overview of different search tools and techniques for finding content in web archives.

How can I archive websites?

• How to archive works cited to prevent “link rot” in dissertations and other projects.

• Workshops on web archiving websites and social media.

How can I make sure my digital work doesn't disappear?

• How to create "archivable" websites.

• Instruction on archival file formats.

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Selected readings on web archiving

Introduction to web archiving

Creating web archives

Describing web archives

Ethics and web archiving


Nominate a website!

Does the site relate to the fine arts and design disciplines in Philadelphia?

Does the site look like it was made by a group or individual that might not be able to archive their own website otherwise?

Is it browser-based art or the web component of an artwork?

If so, we might be interesting in archiving the site!

Nominate the website through this form and our team will archive the site if it falls within our collection scope.

Questions? Contact

Coral Salomón
Digital Strategies Librarian
Fisher Fine Arts Library
t: 215.746.3215