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Penn Reading Project 2019-2020 : Weapons of Math Destruction / Cathy O'Neil: Home

The Penn Reading Project book and the Penn Libraries

This guide provides information about the Penn Reading Project book and its author, including videostream author interviews and also book reviews in the popular press and in scholarly journals. It presents suggestions for finding print books (when you're on campus!), ebooks (even when you're off campus), and scholarly journal articles on the Penn Reading Project book's topic. The guide also presents popular accounts of Big Data analytic research by Penn faculty.

The PennKey required icon identifies Penn Libraries electronic resources - databases, e-books, e-journal articles, and more - that require PennKey authentication to access. For more information on PennKey and its use by the Penn Libraries, please consult our online guide, Using Electronic Resources : Access to Electronic Resources (On and Off Campus / EZproxy).

The book : Weapons of math destruction

The author : Cathy O'Neil

mathbabe : Exploring and venting about quantitative issues [blog]

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Bloomberg Opinion [column]

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Book reviews : Weapons of math destruction

Getting started in researching Big Data analytics

Literature reviews

These articles will summarize the current state of research on a topic and will identify emerging research fronts. They typically offer long bibliographies, useful for identifying important or controversial articles and books.

Finding books on Big Data and algorithmic analysis

Franklin Catalog identifies books, journals, videos, and sound recordings - in print and electronic formats - available for you to read.

Penn Libraries books similar to Weapons of math destruction.

How does that search work?

Franklin Catalog uses Library of Congress subject headings and subject heading subdivisions to describe books, videos, and audio recordings.

Several subject headings describe the topics covered by Weapons of math destruction:

Big data Data processing
Computer algorithms Social indicators
Data mining Web usage mining


Combine those subject headings with these "aspect" subdivisions that emphasize narrow social or philosophical coverage :

Anthropological aspects Psychological aspects
Economic aspects Social aspects
Moral and ethical aspects Sociological aspects
Political aspects  


And here's the resulting Franklin Catalog keyword expert search:

subject:("big data" OR "computer algorithms" OR "data mining" OR "data processing" OR "social indicators" OR "web usage mining") AND subject:("anthropological aspects" OR "economic aspects" OR "moral and ethical aspects" OR "political aspects" OR "psychological aspects" OR "social aspects" OR "sociological aspects")

Finding scholarly journal articles on Big Data and algorithmic analysis

These bibliographic databases will identify articles in scholarly journals. Each database specializes in a general subject area or discipline: you'll see duplication and overlap across the databases, but start with the database that meets your general interest.

HINT! Some databases will provide fulltext. If you don't see a prompt for fulltext, then look for the PennText Article Finder link for PennKey-protected access to fulltext.

Big data and algorithmic analysis at Penn

Penn and the beginnings of Big Data

World Well-Being Project

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Social Policy Reform

Communication & Marketing


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