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Canvas Support for Students: Get Help

To Get Help from within the Canvas Environment:

Click on the Help link from anywhere in Canvas to contact your instructor or Canvas Support. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.

There are five links to various types of options available for help or feedback:

1. Ask Your Instructor a Question: Ask your instructor questions about course material or send them a message.
2. Search the Canvas Guides: This link will take you to, where you can search Canvas documentation for information about features inside of Canvas.
3. General Canvas Support: Submit questions and problems to the Penn Canvas Support Team.

3. Graduate School of Eduation SupportUse if you're a GSE instructor, student, or staff for help with Canvas.

4. Wharton Courseware Support: Use if you're a Wharton instructor, student, or staff for help with Canvas.
5. Ask the Community: Submit questions and problems to the community of Canvas experts.
6. Submit a Feature Idea: Submit ideas about how to make Canvas even better.

The General Canvas Support link redirects to the Courseware Support team at Penn and is the best way to request help directly.

Email for Help

General Support:

Graduate School of Education (GSE) Support :

Wharton Support:

Need help in the PennLaw Canvas environment? Contact