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Critical Writing Program: Dreaming & Sleep - Spring 2020: Overview

Scholarly Databases

These databases will help you find scholarly articles about your topic.

Background Resources

Why use this guide?

This Critical Writing Program guide will help you to:

  • Read a citation
  • Find books and articles using citations and keywords
  • Choose the best scholarly resources for your topic
  • Get personalized assistance!

How to Read a Citation

Book citations generally show a publisher and a city of publication. Book chapters will include the title of the chapter as well as the name of the book.

Article citations have a journal/periodical title in addition to the article title. They will usually also show a volume and issue number, and may show a day and month.

Using Citations to Find Articles

If you have a complete article citation, search for the title on the Penn Libraries homepage to find the full text of your article. It should appear in the Articles+ column in the results.

articles plus

If the article isn't in our system, request it through interlibrary loan.

Using Citations to Find Books

If your citation is a book, search for the title and author on the Penn Libraries homepage, and select the result from the Franklin Catalog column. Franklin will help you find the library in which the book is located, and the call number.

You can search for a specific book by title, author, or ISBN. You can also do a keyword or subject keyword search to find books on a particular topic.

Franklin catalog

Other important resources for finding books:

Keyword Searching

This document suggests a good method of crafting effective keyword searches:

Subject Guide

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