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Data Management Case Studies

Case Studies Background

Data management is a skill set that is most often learned through experience. Usually, the experiences that teach us these lessons are unpleasant, sometimes even horrific. The set of case studies offered here is designed to give you insights into how to better manage your data without having to have a terrible time yourself. 

This site offers two sets of case studies: Real-life examples of how data management can go right or wrong and examples from science fiction tales. The two different sets both tie data management to stories that will hopefully be relatable for you. We've made efforts to have a variety of stories that speak to different fields and represent different voices. 

You could think of these case studies as fables, the lessons and morals of which are sometimes heavy handed. We hope by clearly noting how these tales apply to data management skills we help you to improve your own practice.

Please note our Sci Fi case studies contain spoilers!

Usage License

All case studies are CC-BY unless otherwise noted. Attribution to Margaret Janz.