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Datastream in Excel: Home

This guide explains how to set up a search query for static or time series requests in Datastream

Using Datastream

This guide goes over using the on-site database Datastream to import static and time-series data into Excel. Note: Datastream is only available in Lippincott Library at terminal 7B. Questions? Email us at

Getting Started

Use Excel when requesting static or time series data from Datastream. Log in to the Datastream terminal in Lippincott Library and open Excel. Click the Datastream tab in Excel, then click Static Request or Time Series Request in the upper-left corner. Series Request box will appear.

To run a Series Request, the following types of information must be selected:

  • Code (or Mnemonic)
  • Datatype (or Function)
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Frequency
  • You can also select the format of the Excel sheet.

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