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Dissertation Manual

Graduation Checklist

1.    Is every page of the dissertation correctly numbered? Are all pages included?

2.    Is a bibliography and/or index required by your graduate group?

3.    Does the author's name, in full, appear on the title page, the abstract, and the contract form? Is the name the same on all three?  Is it in the same format as in the Penn In Touch system?

4.    Does the supervisor's name (without the faculty title) appear on the abstract? Is the name typed accurately and in the proper place, so that it is clearly indicated that s/he is the supervisor and not the author?

5.    Are all charts, graphs, and other special illustrative materials legible? Are they in the correct order and position? Are they paginated? )

6.    Do you want to apply to register the copyright in the dissertation with the U.S. Copyright Office? 

7.    If a significant portion of a third person’s copyrighted work is included in your dissertation, have you obtained permission from the copyright owner?

8.     Did you submit your thesis using ETD Administrator?  Have you submitted the Permission Letter as a Supplemental File in ETD Administrator? Did you name the file “Permission Letter – Do Not Publish”?

9.    Have you completed the Survey of Earned Doctorates and the PhD Exit form?  The URLs are emailed to all degree candidates by the Graduate Division and must be completed online prior to your appointment. Bring verification of completion of the two surveys to your appointment. If you have questions regarding these forms, call 215-898-7444.

10. Do you have a bursar balance? Candidates must have a zero ($0) bursar balance and all holds removed from their accounts at the time of their dissertation deposit appointment. If you have a current balance, please contact your business administrator to confirm if any charges are your responsibility. An email from the department covering the charges or a receipt of payment will be required; otherwise, your appointment will be canceled.

Where to Get Help

The Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences


Computing Resource Center

  • The Computing Resource Center (CRC) provides computing support services to graduate and professional students.
  • The CRC is a walk-in support service facility located in Suite 202 Sansom West (Grad Tower B), 3650 Chestnut Street.
  • Telephone: 215-573-4778