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Dissertation Manual


Consult the Graduation Calendar and plan ahead. 

Candidates for degree must sign up online at

The Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences is the administrative clearinghouse for PhD graduates in all schools.  Appointments are made on a rolling basis. Prior to your appointment, submit your dissertation online using ETD Administrator. Bring a single hardcopy of the dissertation manuscript to your appointment, unbound in a box or sealable envelope. The hardcopy must include the Title Page; signatures (original or electronic) on the Title Page are optional. . Electronic signatures will be accepted when it is not possible to obtain wet signatures. The hardcopy will be bound, included in the Library collection, and made available to the world via inter-library loan.

Candidates must have a zero ($0) bursar balance and all holds removed from their accounts at the time of their dissertation deposit appointment. If you have a current balance, please contact your business administrator to confirm if any charges are your responsibility. An email from the department covering the charges or a receipt of payment will be required; otherwise, your appointment will be canceled.

The Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences is located in Suite 322A, 3401 Walnut Street/6228; phone 215-898-7444, 

Online submission with ETD Administrator

Candidates are required to use ETD Administrator at to submit a PDF version of their dissertation prior to their appointment at the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences. The following is an easy-to-follow guide for submission and making selections regarding publication method and copyright.

Log in to ETD Administrator.  If you have not created an account in ETD Administrator, you must do so at this time. 

After logging in, select “Submit ETD” from the “My ETDs” Tab. 

The “Publishing Options” tab in ETD Administrator requires you to indicate your selections for traditional publishing and open access publishing. You must also choose whether you wish to delay the publication of your dissertation at this time.

Complete the forms in the “Contact information” and “Dissertation/Thesis Details” tabs.

You are required to submit your dissertation in PDF format. To meet the file formatting and size requirements, use the PDF Conversion Tool available from ETD Administrator.

When the conversion is complete, you will receive an email notification with a link to retrieve your PDF.  You may also retrieve converted PDF files by logging into your ETD Administrator account directly.  

You are entitled to basic copyright protections whether or not you register your copyright.  There are, however, some legal advantages to federal copyright registration.

For $35 you may submit your own copyright registration application to the U.S. Office of Copyright  at

Alternatively, you can ask ProQuest to submit a copyright registration application to the U.S. Office of Copyright on your behalf.  We see no advantage to using ProQuest’s copyright service.

After making your selections to order copies of your dissertation, it is ready for final submission. When you submit, it will be sent to the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences for review.

Where to Get Help

The Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences


Computing Resource Center

  • The Computing Resource Center (CRC) provides computing support services to graduate and professional students.
  • The CRC is a walk-in support service facility located in Suite 202 Sansom West (Grad Tower B), 3650 Chestnut Street.
  • Telephone: 215-573-4778