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Gain access to Penn resources easily through these online tools.

What is the Google Scholar Button?

The Scholar button is a browser add-on which installs a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page.

It can be used to:

  • find full text content available on the web or in the Penn Library collection
  • format references in widely used citation styles

Adding the Scholar Button

Follow the instructions below to install and use the add-on:

  • Scholar Button is not available for Internet Explorer, but works in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Start by navigating to Google Scholar and selecting the "Settings" option.

  • Select the Button option on the Scholar Setting page, and then click the "Install Scholar Button to look up papers as you browse".

  • Each browser is different but you should be prompted to install the add-in.  You may be required to restart your browser before you see the Scholar Button  Scholar Button appear near the top of your browser menu window.

Using the Scholar Button

Navigate to a webpage that contains a citation.  Copy the title of the citation.

  • Click the Scholar Button. 
  • You should see a popup window displaying the top three results from a Google Scholar search.  Use the buttons at the bottom of the popup to expand the page or to navigate to the full-text article. 
  • Use the Quote icon Quote Icon that appears to the right of the title to display five common citation styles for the resource.  You may copy/paste one of these styles for your paper, or you can download the citation into one of these citation management tools: BibTeX, EndNote, RefMan, or RefWorks.

    Scholar Button in action

If the PDF doesn't appear, click the four outward pointing arrows to pull up full results in Google Scholar to look for alternatives or order the article.