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Infographics: Graphic Design Resources

What's on this Page?

This page covers some of the graphic design principles to keep in mind when creating infographics. The focus here is on taking advantage of existing resources to help you design, rather than teaching graphic design from the ground up.

There are three sections on this guide:

Check this Out

Check out this infographic on common graphic design terms and concepts from Crafted. Click on the image to view full size.

Infographic about common graphic design terms

Typography and Fonts

A good typeface can help make your message more effective. These free resources help you identify fonts that you like, and download free usable fonts.

A few guiding principles to keep in mind:

  • Mixing fonts can add visual interest, but don't go overboard. Contrast is key: try using a different typeface for headers and body text to make important words stand out. Start with just two, and try not to use more than three.
  • Fun fonts can be tempting but remember: the most important quality of your typeface is that it must be readable.
  • Don't take spacing for granted; experiment with different distances between letters to change the effect of your text.

Type Resources

Color Theory and Palettes

Color has a huge impact on design. If something is well designed but has poor color choices, it will not be successful. Don't take it personally - it's just how our brains work!

Color theory is the field of study that examines how colors effect sensory experience. Even if you don't know much about color theory, you can take advantage of these free resources to pick colors that work well together.

Color Resources

Clip Art and Graphics

These free (or free-to-you-at-Penn) resources offer icons, images and symbols to help enhance your design. While clip art can be cheesy, these resources also offer professional graphics that won't make your design look like a terrible MS Office document.