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Image at top shows a map of demographic data for Philadelphia

Mapping & GIS: GIS Services

This is the LibGuide which contains tutorials on Mapping and Geographic Information Systems, as well as annotated links to useful sources for research and learning in GIS. Many of the tutorials are from past workshops. Please feel free to contact our mapp


Geocoding is the process of transforming a table of street addresses into longitude and latitude coordinates. While finding a coordinate for a single point may be simpler to geocode manually, if you need tens or hundreds of addresses transformed into coordinates, you will want to use a batch geocoder.

See the Geocoding in ArcGIS guideline and geocoding tutorial for more information on how the geocoding process works. A brief overview of some available geocoding tools is provided below.

If you want help with geocoding, or if your geocoding needs include a large number of addresses, do not hesitate to contact us at 

If you expect to regularly need to geocode tens of thousands of addresses, additional licenses may need to be acquired.

Geocoding Tools

Address Geocoding Tools
Free Online Service Fee-Based Online Service Desktop/Server Software

Census Geocoder (10,000 addresses at a time)

ArcGIS World Geocoding Service


OpenStreetMap Nominatim

Google Geocoding Service: Pay-As-You-Go.

Data Science Toolkit

Data Science Toolkit


Google Geocoding service (2500 addresses/day limit)
Texas A&M Geocoder Texas A&M Geocoder
IPUMS GeoMarker (Uses Texas A&M Geocoder)