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MGMT 104 Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management: Human Capital Information

Group project resources for MGMT 104 students.

Human Capital Information

Information about a company's culture and HR practices can be found in industry journals, general business magazines and newspapers, which are covered in the resources below. For emerging enterprises, it is often difficult to find a lot of detailed information about these practices, and it is also generally more difficult to find information for companies headquartered outside the U.S.

Combine the directions below for searching for a specific company with copy-and-pasting the following search strategy to find articles that mention human resource practices or company culture:

"corporate profiles" OR "company profiles" OR "corporate structure" OR organizational OR restructur* OR realign* OR reorg* OR "human capital" OR talent OR culture OR "human resource*" OR personnel OR employee OR recruiting OR retention OR selection OR hiring OR benefits OR rewards OR compensation OR wages OR incentives OR training OR vacations OR dismissal OR resignation OR worker OR labor OR motivation OR retirement OR "career development" OR "job enrichment" OR "quality of work life" OR "work environment" OR "job satisfaction" OR "work life balance"

Identifying Staff at Your Target Organization

Crowd-sourced information