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MGMT 223 Business Policy: Firm Analysis

Resources for MGMT 223 projects.

Background, Strategy & Planning

Combine the directions below for searching for a specific company with copy-and-pasting the following search strategy to find articles that discuss a company's strategy:

"corporate profiles" OR "company profiles" OR "business planning" OR "corporate planning" OR strateg* OR organizational OR culture OR competition OR "competitive advantage"

When looking for information about realignments, look for terms like:

restructur* OR realign* OR reorg*  (the asterisk is a truncation character which picks up variant word endings)

You can also look for subject terms like growth OR expansion. 

If your firm(s) of interest were greatly influenced by founding or otherwise well-known executives (e.g. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) you will also want to look for that person as a subject term to find profiles that will give you insight into the company culture and strategic vision. 

Finding Books

Books are often good sources for in-depth company history information. Use Franklin, the Penn Libraries Catalog, to search for books about a specific company. Use the Subject heading Browse option to enter a company name, then select a relevant subject from the list. For example, to browse for books about McDonald's:

Identifying Competitors