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Critical Writing Program: The Mind of a Dog - Spring 2020: Overview

Citing Your Sources

Here are resources providing guidance on how to format your papers in American Psychological Association (APA) Style:

Several print copies of the APA Style Manual are available for reference in Van Pelt and Biomedical Libraries.

Using Citations to Find Books

Book coverIf your citation is a book, use Franklin, the Library catalog. Franklin will help you find the library in which the book is located, and the call number.

Other important resources for finding books:


Using Citations to Find Articles

PennTextIf you have a complete article citation, or even just a journal title, you can use the PennText article finder on the Library homepage.

If we do not have access to a book or journal article in any format, use interlibrary loan to request a copy from another library

Scholarly Databases

How to Read a Citation


Book citations generally show a publisher and a city of publication. Book chapters will include the title of the chapter as well as the name of the book.


Article citations have a journal/periodical title in addition to the article title. They will usually also show a volume and issue number, and may show a day and month.

Keyword Searching

This document suggests a good method of crafting effective keyword searches:

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