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Open Access Resources: Open Access Support

Open Access Publishing Support

The Penn Libraries currently provide support open access publishing in both the humanities and sciences in a variety of ways.

Initiatives to Support Author Publication Costs:

BMJ Case Reports

PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science

Penn Libraries has an institutional plan with the PeerJ journals. PeerJ is a peer review publisher publishing journals on biology, medicine, general science, and all aspects of computer science. The libraries support a lifetime membership at the Basic level (basic level provides one article per year) for Penn faculty who have been accepted for publication with PeerJ.
More information. See also Penn's Institutional Plan site at PeerJ.


Penn Libraries are one of a consortium of libraries who work with leading publishers to convert journals in the field of High-Energy Physics to open access at no cost for authors. Through the consortium, SCOAP3 pays publishers for the costs involved in providing Open Access. See the list of high energy open access journals supported by Penn Libraries through SCOAP. More information.

Memberships and Consortia that Further Open Access


In January 2010, Cornell University Library sought to establish a long-term sustainable support model for arXiv, one that reduced arXiv's financial burden and dependence on a single institution and transitioned it to a collaboratively-governed, community-supported resource. The Penn Libraries was one of the institutions worldwide to join the collaborative effort to realize this new model of support for arXiv. Penn has been a continuously supporting member since 2010. More information.

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ's mission is to increase the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language.

Global Press Archive

The Global Press Archive (GPA) is a diverse series of databases of newspapers from all over the globe produced by East View. The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has partnered with East View to develop a series of nine collections that meet the priorities of CRL members and will encompass hundreds of newspapers titles totaling over 4.5 million pages. Each of the GPA collections produced through the CRL Alliance will be released on East View’s customized platform and will present collections of full-image and full-text newspapers. Six of the collections will be released in full Open Access sponsored by CRL. More Information.

HathiTrust began as a collaboration of the universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and the University of California system to establish a repository to archive and share their digitized collections.  It quickly expanded to include additional partners and to provide those partners with an easy means to archive their digital content. The initial focus of the partnership has been on preserving and providing access to digitized book and journal content from the partner library collections. This includes both in-copyright and public-domain materials digitized by Google, the Internet Archive, and Microsoft, as well as through in-house initiatives. The University of Pennsylvania is a HathiTrust partner institution.

Authors who maintain control over the copyright of their published books may complete a "Rights Holder Permission Agreement" to make their work openly accessible through

Knowledge Unlatched

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is an initiative to create sustainable routes to open access and to transition monographs and journals in a wide variety of disciplines from paywalled to Open Access content. Knowledge Unlatched brings together libraries from all over the world via a crowdfunding platform where they can support Open Access by selecting publisher titles at a clear and sustainable price. The Penn Libraries are a participant in the KU project to open collections of Humanities and Social Science ebooks under a Creative Commons license through OAPEN. More information. Find KU open access books through the Franklin catalog.

Latin Americanist Research Resources Project (LARRP)

The Latin Americanist Research Resources Project (LARRP) is a consortium of research libraries that seeks to increase free and open access to information in support of learning and scholarship in Latin American Studies. Notably LARRP, in collaboration with the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC), has developed the Latin American Open Archive Portal (LAOAP), which provides access to Latin American grey literature that are often difficult to access. More information.


OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) operates two platforms, the OAPEN Library, a central repository for hosting and disseminating OA books, and the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), a discovery service for OA books. Find OAPEN and DOAB books through the Franklin catalog.

OpenEdition Journals

OpenEdition Journals is a journals platform for the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1999 under the name of, and now part of OpenEdition, it is home to 450 online publications and over 150,000 articles, 95% of which are available in full-text access. Penn's support of OpenEdition Journals Freemium provides premium services and formats such as permanent access to the PDF and ePub files. All income generated by the programm is reinvested in the development of open access academic publishing. Find OpenEdition journals through the Franklin catalog.

Open Book Publishers (OBP)

All OBP books are peer-reviewed publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Publications are free to read online or can be bought in hardback, paperback, PDF, or ebook format. Find Open Book Publishers editions through the Franklin catalog. More information.

Open Library of the Humanities

The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a gold open access, peer-reviewed, internationally-supported, academic-led, not-for-profit, multi-journal and books platform for the humanities. It is funded by an international library consortium and dedicated to publishing open access scholarship with no author-facing charges. The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry was the first journal to convert to 100% open access through the support of OLH. The OLH publishing platform supports academic journals from across the humanities disciplines, as well as OLH's own multidisciplinary journal. More information.

The Open Access Network: OAN

OAN has formed to implement a new open-access (OA) business model for all academic disciplines, beginning with the humanities and social sciences. The OAN provides a broad and transformative solution for sustainable OA publishing and archiving that is complementary to, not competitive with, other OA funding approaches. It proposes that all institutions of higher education contribute to systemic support of the research process itself, including its scholarly output. Read the whitepaper for more information. The Penn Libraries are supporting this exploratory endeavor.


PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of online academic philosophy that monitors all sources of research content in philosophy such as journals, books, personal pages, and OA archives. It also maintains the largest open access archive in philosophy, which is integrated with its citation index. PhilPapers supports itself by charging research and teaching institutions in high GDP countries subscriptions for access to the index, but remains open to everyone access the site from outside of those institutions. More information.

Reveal Digital

Reveal Digital uses a library crowd-funding model to develop thematic open access primary resource collections that bring together fragmented documentary material from under-represented twentieth-century voices. The first project, Independent Voices, is a collection of alternative press content focusing on that transformative period of the 1960’s – 1980s and includes the complete runs of newspapers, magazines and journals drawn from the special collections of source libraries. Independent Voices was made open access in 2018. More information about current and forthcoming projects is available on the Reveal Digital site.

South Asia Open Archives

The South Asia Open Archives (SAOA), a subset of the CRL project SAMP, is a collaborative initiative that creates and maintains a collection of open access materials for the study of South Asia across all disciplines. This major collaborative initiative is aimed at addressing the current scarcity of digital resources pertinent to South Asian studies and at making collections more widely accessible both to North American scholars and to researchers worldwide. The SAOA archive launched on JSTOR in the fall of 2019 and holds over 500,000 pages in 13 languages divided into four curated collections: Caste & Social Structure, Literature, Social & Economic History and Women & Gender.

SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition)

SPARC is an international coalition of academic and research libraries that works to promote an Open Agenda of sharing of research output through Open Access, Open Data and Open Education. SPARC's top priority is advocacy for policy changes that advance open scholarly communication and recognize that dissemination of knowledge is an essential component of the research process. They also educate and promote broad understanding of the benefits of Open Access to stakeholders and the general public, collaborate with stakeholders to encourage new norms that support Open Access policies and practices, and develop and demonstrate scalable business models that sustainably support Open Access. Originally launched as an Association of Research Libraries (ARL) initiative, SPARC is supported primarily through the membership of academic libraries who support and shape their initiatives. More Information.

Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL)

The Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL), a member of the CRL Global Resources Network, is a collaborative initiative developed to improve access to technical report literature. With support from its member institutions, TRAIL selects, digitizes, and deposits technical reports into trusted repositories (the HathiTrust and the University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Library) where the content is full-text searchable and open to all users. Millions of pages of technical reports are now open and discoverable through the TRAIL Search Interface.


Tirsmegistos is an interdisciplinary portal of papyrological and epigraphical resources dealing with Egypt and the Nile valley between roughly 800 BC and AD 800. It includes texts in a variety of languages from Pharaonic and Greco-Roman Egypt; a guide to epigraphic and papyrological collections; a prosopography of the people named in these texts; a database of placenames found in Greco-Roman Egypt;

Open Access Publishing

ScholarlyCommons: Penn's Institutional Repository

ScholarlyCommons is a repository for the scholarly output of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. It promotes dissemination of their work, and preserves it in a freely-accessible, long-term archive. An effort to alleviate recent pressures to restrict access to new knowledge, ScholarlyCommons allows researchers and other interested readers anywhere in the world to learn about and keep up to date with Penn scholarship. Administered by the Penn Libraries, ScholarlyCommons contains materials chosen by participating units -- departments, schools, centers, institutes -- at Penn.