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Penn Libraries Open Access Agreements for Penn Authors: Springer

Which articles are eligible?

The Penn Libraries has a 3-year agreement (2024-2026) with Springer Journals for Penn authors to publish articles open access with no article processing fees (APCs). This agreement comes through the Penn Libraries membership in the NERL consortium. Springer pages regarding this agreement will refer to NERL agreement rather than to University of Pennsylvania or Penn Libraries.

Which journals are included under the agreement?

  • A list of eligible journals (Springer's hybrid journals)
  • This agreement covers open access publication in Springer's hybrid (e.g., subscription based) journals. Hybrid journals include articles behind paywalls as well as open access articles. 
  • The corresponding author of a submitted article must be a Penn affiliated author 

the agreement does not include:

  • Springer's GOLD--100% open-access journals
  • Nature journals 
  • A link to a page listing all of Springer's Gold open access titles. These titles are not eligible for the APC waiver. 

What types of articles are eligible under the agreement? 

  • Articles accepted by an eligible Springer journal and accepted between March 19, 2024-December 31, 2026.
  • The corresponding author on the submitted article must be a current Penn faculty, student, or staff with access to Penn Libraries subscribed resources

Articles must fit the following designations: 

  • Original Paper – Standard article; generally presenting new results which may also be referred to as Original Research, Original Article, Original Paper or Research Paper
  • Review Paper – Standard article, interpreting previously published results
  • Brief Communication – Short article submitted for rapid publication that exhibits the same structure as a standard article
  • Continuing Education – Article forming integral part of further education (usually medical)

Authors will be responsible for the payment of APCs for articles that are not one of the eligible article types 

How can I tell if I am an eligible author? 

  • If you are affiliated with Penn as a current faculty, researcher, student, or staff and you have access to Penn Libraries subscribed resources you are eligible.
  • You can test your access to Penn Libraries subscribed resources through this link which will ask you to log in with your Pennkey and password. If you are successfully able to log in, you are eligible under the agreement.
  • If you are still unsure of your eligibility, please contact your subject librarian.
  • CHOP researchers cross-affiliated with Penn are eligible under our agreements but MUST select UPenn (and not CHOP) as their affiliation when submitting articles.  

How does the process work?

How Does it work? 

Once an article is accepted the author is invited to complete the publication process.

  • Author is asked to select their country 
  • Springer provides information about its open access publishing options in the hybrid journal
  • Author is asked to confirm Penn affiliation
  • Author is asked to select their institution from a list-- this confirms eligibility to have OA fees covered. 
  • Information about the OA agreement between Penn and Springer will be shared
  • Author can take advantage of the OA opportunity or opt out to publish behind a paywall
  • There is a check to determine if your article is eligible for the agreement 

    • Correct article type (see definitions in first column)

    • Correct journal type--Hybrid: subscription based with the option to choose open access 

  • Author is asked to agree to the publishing agreement "License to Publish" 

  • Article is ready for publication. Author receives information about the Creative Commons license to be used (CC BY or in some cases CC BY NC) 

Additional information can be found at Springers Guide for Authors under the NERL/Penn Libraries agreement

For detailed information about this open access agreement, term definitions, and eligible and ineligible journals, visit the NERL-Springer agreement page:. 

Assign a Creative Commons license:

  • Articles published open access under this agreement are assigned with the most recent version of the CC BY-NC-ND license (currently, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
    • In June 2024 Springer announced that they are changing the default CC license offered from CC BY to CC BY-NC-ND. The transition to the new default license will be introduced in phases for Springer-owned publications throughout July 2024.
  • Authors will have the choice to select CC BY licenses although they are no longer the default.
  • If necessary, authors may select an alternative CC license to comply with funder mandates.
  • You can visit the Creative Commons site to see all licensing options. 
  • Authors can reject the OA offer and choose to publish their article behind the standard subscription based paywall. The author cannot later decide to make the article open access once it is published behind a paywall. 


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