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PowerPoint: Overview

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Powerpoint logoPowerPoint is Microsoft's presentation software that enables users to create engaging presentations that consist of individual pages, or slides, which may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, hyperlinks, and other objects. PowerPoint enables users to add animation and effects to slideshow elements. Presentations can be printed, displayed, notated, and navigated by the presenter.

Penn Libraries offers assistance with PowerPoint through workshops, small-group and individual consultations, online tutorials and access to LinkedIn Learning tutorials.

Why Use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has been often compared to another popular presentation software option, Prezi. There are a few important distinctions between PowerPoint and Prezi which can help determine which is better suited to your presentation needs. The most notable difference is that PowerPoint allows users to create presentations that are structured linearly, whereas Prezi provides a zooming feature for a more organic structure and cinematic feel. The resources below explore the advantages of using each of these software options. You can also visit the Prezi guide for more information.

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LinkedIn Learning @ Penn

LinkedIn Learning provides over 77,000 training videos related to new technologies and software. Faculty, students, and permanent staff can access LinkedIn Learning through Pennkey access.

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