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URBS 018/ MUSC 018: Music in Urban Spaces : Overview


This guide is intended to support students doing research for MUSC 018/ URBS 018. This is not a comprehensive list of research tools and resources-- you'll find many more databasesguides, and more through the library website. Please feel free to get in touch at any point in your research! 

Locust Theatre

Locust Theatre

Locust Theatre, now the Bushfire Theatre, on 52nd Street. 

[Locust Theater exterior]. [Postcard.](1920). Retrieved from

Primary Sources

Online Mapping Tools

These websites allow you to find and display demographic and other data by location. Would you like help with geographic information? Contact Girmay Misgna, Mapping & Geospatial Data Librarian

Books & Articles

News Publications


In addition to the demographic and other data available in online mapping tools, find more Philadelphia data at: 

Subject Guide

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