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Virtual Consultations: Home

What is a virtual consultation?

Consultations are appointments with librarians who are helping you learn about library resources and tools and geared towards your research needs. Typically, consultations are face-to-face meetings and are held in the consultation rooms at the Biomedical Library. Virtual consultations enable you to meet with a librarian using BlueJeans, a video conferencing software.

Am I eligible for a virtual consultation?

Only individuals affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and program partners may request a virtual consultation with a librarian. A virtual consultation may not be the best of most effective format for every request. On receiving a request, the librarian may encourage the researcher to schedule their meeting in an alternative format.

In general, virtual consultations will be held during the same schedule as regular in-person, telephone, or other meetings in "office hours". In the case of a compelling need or unusual circumstances, librarians may make extraordinary arrangements to meet virtually at other mutually satisfactory times. Biomedical Library office hours are Mon.- Fri. 9 AM - 4 PM Eastern Time.

How do I request a virtual consultation?

Use our Schedule a Consult form to request a Virtual Consultation.  The form is found on the Biomedical Library Homepage under the "Contact Us" heading.

Please select "Videoconference" as your "Preferred Mode of Consultation". A librarian will respond to your request and send more information.