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Web Design: Wix

What Can I Get for Free?

The free Wix plan offers:

  • 500MB storage
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited pages
  • Shop and other apps
  • Wix branded (you won't see ads on your site, but you will see the Wix logo)

Premium features include adding a custom domain, more storage, more site administrators,  and more.

Can I Use My Own URL?

With the free version, your Wix URL will be

A domain name is included in the Wix Connect Domain Plan, which costs $4/month (and includes a few additional features).

Why Use Wix?

Wix is truly a drag and drop editor. You can move text and images around your site as though it is a blank canvas. You can start from scratch, or choose a pre-selected layout.

Wix uses topic-specific templates to help you design a website that fits your content.

Welcome to Wix screenshot

Wix does not automatically create a mobile-optimized version of your site, but you can opt to create a mobile version.

How Can I Customize a Wix Site?

How much code do I need to know?
None. In fact, Wix does not provide a code view at all, so you are unable to make changes using HTML or CSS. 

Can I choose my own colors and fonts?
Yes. Each text area on a Wix page is customizable, so you can change colors and fonts in each area. However, since you do not have access to any code, you are limited to the fonts and colors that Wix has selected for you.

Can I add professional features like a photo galleries and image sliders?
Yes. By clicking the Add button, you can insert many other types of content, including galleries, sliders, ecommerce tools, social media buttons and third party apps.

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