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Web Design: WordPress

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WordPress Basics

Learn how to start creating a blog or website with

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LinkedIn Learning provides over 77,000 training videos related to new technologies and software. Faculty, students, and staff can access trainings through pennkey access via LinkedIn Learning.

Check out a few of LinkedIn Learning's WordPress courses:

About WordPress

wordpress logo

WordPress is a free* web-based tool that was originally designed for blogging but now offers a full set of features for website creation.

WordPress comes in two flavors: the fully hosted and self hosted This guide focuses on the hosted version, but if you're interested in learning more about hosting WordPress on your own server, check out this page on the differences between the two services.

Why use WordPress?

  • It's free!*
  • Themes created by designers can help you create a professional looking site, even if you have no design experience.
  • The WP user and developer communities are very active, which means that new enhancements are added all the time and help forums are actively maintained.
  • WIC staff have a good range of WP expertise and can provide help with this system.

The Editor
This is a screenshot of the post and page editor. You can see the various options for creating and editing content.

*WordPress is a "freemium" service, which means that all basic functionalities are free, but premium features are offered for a fee.

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