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Omeka: Overview

A Guide to Omeka, a web publishing platform for web content management and exhibits.

Resources for Using Omeka

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The choice of whether to use Omeka can be complex and depends on your course goals, learning objectives, and other factors.  To learn more about Omeka email us or contact a librarian with whom you already have a relationship.

What is Omeka?

​Omeka is a content management system designed for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Omeka is designed with non-IT specialists in mind, allowing users to focus on content and interpretation rather than programming. It makes top-shelf design easy with a simple and flexible templating system. Its robust open-source developer and user communities underwrite Omeka’s stability and sustainability. Omeka allows users to publish cultural heritage objects, extend its functionality with themes and plugins, and curate online exhibits with digital objects.

~DIRT Directory

How Can I Use Omeka?

Build a Digital Exhibit

  • Omeka is built around the concept of creating online collections of digitized materials and curating them for the web. Plugins like Exhibit Builder make  it simple to organize your collection into an attractive and interactive narrative.
  • Enhance a physical exhibit! - A common use case for Omeka is to build a digital exhibit to accompany a physical exhibit. This allows interested patrons or visitors to explore topics in more depth, even after the physical exhibit is no longer on display.

Collaborate to Tell a Story

  • Collaboration, whether its amongst students in a course at Penn or a research team around the globe, is easy with Omeka! Omeka site owners can add users with varying levels of access and designated roles. Go beyond the default roles available on install with the Guest User plugin.
  • An alternative to a final paper! - Past courses at Penn have used the creation of an Omeka exhibit as an multimedia-enhanced, interactive alterative to a final paper. Library staff offer in-course sessions to prepare students for this project, and weekly office hours to help students throughout the semester. Check out the "Help & Training" Section for more information.

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