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Accessing Reaxys at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania's subscription to Reaxys consists of three major components: the core Reaxys database, the Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry add-on, and the Reaxys Retrosynthesis Tool add-on.  All three are accessible through the Web-based Reaxys platform, and no software downloads are required to use them. 

Users who wish to make use of the Reaxys Retrosynthesis Tool are required to register for a Reaxys account, which can be done by clicking the orange Register> button from any Reaxys search page.  Predictive retrosyntheses may only be run if a user is logged into Reaxys


Users who do not wish to register or log in may still search Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry and may design retrosyntheses using published transformations, but they will not have access to the predicted retrosynthetic steps.

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(PennKey and password required for off-campus access.)

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