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ANCH 0101 Ancient Greece: Resources for the Term Paper

Begin your research by thinking about terms and synonyms, dates, names, concepts

  • Greece -- Civilization
  • Greek influence
  • Sparta
  • Athens
  • Spartan and Theban Supremacies
  • Greek Langauge
  • literacies
  • Phoenicians
  • Hellenism
  • slaves or slavery
  • helots
  • social conditions
  • laws
  • names of individuals
  • era designations

Get a comprehensive view of your particular area of interest through these scholarly handbooks and guides

These resources can help you come up with dates, names, additional vocabulary and variant spellings for your research. They can also help you develop a better understanding of your topic or give you ideas for comparisons and contrasts.

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Find journal articles, books, and book chapters through these featured Resources

Likely Call Numbers

  • Find your books on the shelves --Van Pelt, Fine Arts, Museum libraries
  • DE 46-DE 70: History of the Greco-Roman world--Antiquities. Civilization. Culture, archaeology
  • DF 10-DF 289: Ancient Greece
  • DF 75-DF 134: History of Greece--Ancient Greece--Antiquities. Civilization. Culture
  • DF 221.5: Troy
  • DF 215 Hellenic History

DE contains books for the "Greco-Roman World"
DF contains books for the Greece -- ancient and contemporary
DG contains books for Italy -- ancient and contemporary

HQ for women -- including the ancient world
PA for language and literature of
KL for law (Van Pelt and Biddle)
B for philosophy
JC for politics

** Use Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, but also the Museum Library and the Fine Arts Library

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Ancient Corinth

Picture of Old Corinth
Old Corinth. The Ruins of Old Corinth. From the Collections
at the Library of Congress

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