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ICMA Survey Research Datasets - data files - Penn Libraries data resources: Data Files

Overview and Current Release Notes

The International City/County Management Association conducts national surveys of all U.S. counties and ~8,000 U.S. municipalities with populations of 2,500 or greater on topics of interest to local governments, including forms of government, economic development, service delivery, and sustainability. The Penn Libraries acquire individual ICMA survey research microdata datasets on a case-by-case basis.

ICMA provides free online access to ICMA Survey Research poll results through the ICMA Survey Results Documents website.

By using your PennKey to access the ICMA data files below, you are agreeing to follow the appropriate-use guidelines on the ICMA Data Licensing Agreement website.
Do not distribute these datasets to other people.

ICMA Survey series

ICMA Survey Research Datasets available to Penn readers:

  • Municipal Form of Government : 2011.
  • Economic Development : 2014, 2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984.
  • Alternative Service Delivery : 2017, 2012, 2007, 2002, 1997, 1992, 1988, 1982.
  • Government Technology Solutions : 2017.
  • Innovations and Emerging Practices in Local Government : 2016.
  • Immigrant Communities : 2018.
  • Smart Cities : 2016.
  • Sustainability in Local Government : 2010.
  • State of the Profession : 2012, 2009.

Additional local-government data sources

Municipal Form of Government survey datasets

An ICMA survey conducted every five years, covering form of municipal government, initiatives for referenda and recall, selection and composition of elected officials.

Economic Development survey datasets

An ICMA survey conducted every five years, examining economic development practices in local governments, including economic development funding activities, business retention, business attraction, small business development, accountability, and business incentives. The survey covers topics such as goals, incentives, barriers, tools, and funding

2014Dataset: Economic_Development_2014_Full_Dataset.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: econ_dev_2014_code_sheet.pdf
Questionnaire / Codebook: Economic_Development_Survey.pdf
Response statistics: Economic_Development_2014_Survey_Response.xls
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf
2009Dataset: ed2009_part1_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: ed2009_part2_full_data_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Economic_Development_2009_Survey.pdf
Response statistics: ed2009_Survey_Response_Table.xls
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf
2004Dataset: ed2004_part1_Full.xls
Dataset: ed2004_part2_Full.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Economic_Development_2004_Survey.pdf
Response statistics: ed2004_Survey_Response_Table.xls
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf
1999Dataset: ed1999p1_Full_set.xls
Dataset: ed1999p2_Full_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Economic_Development_1999_Survey.pdf
Response statistics: ed1999_Survey_Response_Table.xls
1994Dataset: ed1994_full_data_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: ed1994_Survey_Instrument.pdf
Response statistics: ed1994_Survey_Response_Table.xls
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf
1989Dataset: ed1989p1_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: ed1989p2_a_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: ed1989p2_b_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: ed1989p3_full_data_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: ed1989_Survey_Instrument.pdf
Response statistics: ed1989_Survey_Response_Table.xls
Other documentation: ICMA_survey_research_data_licensing_agreement.pdf
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf
1984Dataset: ed1984_full_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: ed1984_survey_instrument.pdf
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf

Alternative Service Delivery survey datasets

An ICMA signature survey conducted every five years, examining the service delivery choices, practices, and policies of local governments. Survey topics covered include adopting, evaluating private service delivery and obstacles in private service delivery.

2017Dataset: 2017_ASD_Survey_Dataset.xlsx
Questionnaire / Codebook: Alternative_Service_Delivery_Survey_Code_Sheet.pdf
Questionnaire / Codebook: Alternative_Service_Delivery_Survey_final.pdf
Other documentation: ASD_2017_Response_Rates.xlsx
Other documentation: ICMA_Survey_Codes_2019.pdf
Other documentation: Survey_Research_Data_Licensing_Agreement.pdf
Related report: 2017_ASD_Summary_Report_Final.pdf
2012Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_1.xls
Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_2.xls
Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_3.xls
Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_4.xls
Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_5.xls
Dataset: asd2012fulldata_part_6.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: 2012_ASD_Survey_Instrument.pdf
Response statistics: Survey_response_table.xls
Other documentation: ICMA_ASD_2012_Survey_Data_Cleaning_Rules.pdf
Other documentation: ICMA_Survey_Codes.pdf
Other documentation: ICMA_survey_research_data_licensing_agreement.pdf
Related report: ICMA_ASD_Survey_Summary_Report.pdf
2007Dataset: asd2007_part1.xls
Dataset: asd2007_part2.xls
Dataset: asd2007_part3.xls
Dataset: asd2007_part4.xls
Dataset: asd2007_part5.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Service_Delivery_2007_Survey.pdf
Questionnaire / Codebook: Service_Delivery_2007_code_sheet.pdf
Response statistics: Service_Delivery_2007_Survey_response_table.xls
2002-2003Dataset: asd2002_03_p1_Full_dataset.xls
Dataset: asd2002_03_p2_Full_dataset.xls
Dataset: asd2002_03_p3_Full_dataset.xls
Dataset: asd2002_03_p4_Full_dataset.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Service_Delivery_2002_Survey_Instrument.pdf
Response statistics: ASD2002_Survey_Response_Table.xls
1997Dataset: asd1997_p3_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: asd1997_p4_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: asd97_p1_full_data_set.xls
Dataset: asd97_p2_full_data_set.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: asd_1997_surveyinstrument.pdf
Response statistics: Alternative_Service_Delivery_1997_response_table.xls
1992Dataset: asd1992p1.xls
Dataset: asd1992p2.xls
Dataset: asd1992p3.xls
Dataset: asd1992p4.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Alternative_Service_Delivery_1992_Survey_Instrument.pdf
1988Dataset: asd1988p1.xls
Dataset: asd1988p2.xls
Dataset: asd1988p3.xls
Dataset: asd1988p4.xls
Dataset: asd1988p5.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: asd_1988_Survey_Instrument.pdf
1982Dataset: asd1982p1.xls
Dataset: asd1982p2.xls
Dataset: asd1982p3.xls
Dataset: asd1982p4.xls
Dataset: asd1982p5.xls
Dataset: asd1982p6.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Alternative_Service_Delivery_Survey_Instrument_1982.pdf

Government Technology Solutions survey datasets

An ICMA survey conducted to assess the information technology and e-government solutions being used by local governments. Topics covered include services offered electronically, technology solutions in use, IT department structure, and more.

Innovations and Emerging Practices in Local Government survey datasets

An ICMA survey exploring topics related to public sector innovation as well as newly emerging issues and practices affecting local government management. Specific topics addressed in the survey include innovation and change in local government, performance data analytics, public engagement, regulation of the sharing economy (i.e., Uber, AirBnB, etc.), and infrastructure financing.

Immigrant Communities survey datasets

An ICMA / Cornell University survey exploring local government policies, programs, and other activities related to immigrant populations in their communities.

Smart Cities survey datasets

An ICMA / Smart Cities Council survey on the priorities and activities of U.S. local governments related to smart-city technologies. The Smart Cities Council defines smart cities as communities that use information and communication technology to enhance livability, workability, and sustainability. The results of this survey provide insight into the current use of smart city technologies in the U.S., as well as key motivators and barriers to the adoption of these solutions.

Sustainability in Local Government survey datasets

An ICMA / American Planning Association / Binghamton University / Cornell University / U.S. Department of Agriculture survey on sustainability programs and policies in local government. Topics covered included water, transportation, energy, recycling, recognition programs and policy actions.

2010Dataset: Sustainability_dataset.xls
Questionnaire / Codebook: Sustainability_code_sheet.pdf
Response statistics: sustainability_response_table.xls
Other documentation: survey_codes.pdf

State of the Profession survey datasets

An ICMA survey that focuses on the interactions of top municipal and county administrators with elected officials in their local governments and on their key relationships outside the governmental sphere. (The survey does not examine the administrative and managerial responsibilities of top administrators)