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Learn how to tell if something is a book, a book chapter, or an article by the attributes in a citation.

 Locate the full text of articles, chapters, and books using the Penn Libraries website.

Learn how to request books, articles,  DVDs, and other materials, whether owned by Penn Libraries or available from other institutions.

Learn about the cyclical process of choosing a research topic. Video created by NCSU Libraries.

One Perfect Source? [2:09]

Question the idea of a single, "perfect" source, and discover ways to compile a set of overlapping sources. Video created by NCSU Libraries.

Compare the content, strengths, and weaknesses of the open web and scholarly databases. Highlights uses and limitations of Google Scholar.

Compare how scholarly and popular materials are produced, disseminated, and used in an academic context.

Citation Practice and Management [4:41]

Learn the reasons behind including in-text citations and bibliographies in your work. Review citation practice and avoid plagiarism.

Use keywords and indicators of relevance to find articles on a topic using Penn Libraries resources.