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LaTeX: Bibliography & Citation Management

LaTeX and Overleaf

Manage References with Overleaf

Resources for managing references with Overleaf

Major LaTeX Bibliography Packages

BibTeX is a file format (.bib) used for lists of references for LaTeX documents. Many citation management tools support the export and import reference lists in the .bib file format. Click here to view Penn Libraries' guide to BibTeX.


Creating & Managing Bibliographies on Overleaf

Directly sync your reference manager with Overleaf

Connect your reference manager account and directly sync it within Overleaf

  • Zotero (step-by-step guide from Caltech Library)

  • Mendeley (scroll down for instructions to connect accounts for the first time)

Import and link your reference manager bibliography to use in Overleaf

Export your bibliography (.bib) and import it into your Overleaf project. Upload your .bib file to an online storage platform and sync it with your Overleaf project.

Citation Managers and LaTeX


Using Edifix to convert unstructured bibliographies to BibTeX

Edifix is a parsing system to analyze references and create structured data from unstructured, plain text bibliographies. It converts your reference list into a variety of formats, including BibTeX. Edifix can also link your cited sources to Crossref and PubMed.

Set up an account on Edifix.

Detailed instructions from the Overleaf blog on how to use Edifix with Overleaf.

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