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NCLEX Resources for Nursing Students: Home

NCLEX resources at the Penn Biomedical Library

As you prepare for the NCLEX examination, the Penn Holman Biotech Commons can support you with a number of preparation resources.

Exam Review Tool

E-book NCLEX Prep Resources

Books listed here are available online to Penn-affiliated students with a valid PennKey. Most of the books listed here allow unlimited simultaneous access to large sets of NCLEX and NCLEX-style questions. These books are current as of 2020, but older titles might not reflect current test content and design, and these books should be used for test taking and practice purposes only.

Free online NCLEX prep resources

These resources have not been specifically evaluated at Penn but are among some of the more well-known and recognized free resources. Several of these are associated with commercial test providers and offer a limited set of basic questions and other resources, but are promoting purchase of their subscription or proprietary resources.

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