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PSYC 480-301: Modern Young Adulthood (Fall 2016): Getting started

Course textbook

Print and online copies of the book:

Reference works: encyclopedias & handbooks

Use dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks to learn quickly about the state of research on your topic. A good encyclopedia article should describe major themes, current research fronts, and controversial areas; it should also provide a brief bibliography of classic, important, or definitive works on your topic. Handbooks generally offer chapters on specific aspects of a topic: together, the handbook's chapters should provide a broad overview of the state of research; individually, chapters may be narrowly focused.

Bibliographies & literature reviews

Literature reviews are a handy way to get quickly into the scholarly literature. A typical literature-review article will provide a narrative that identifies and describes dozens of journal articles and books.

Using Citations to Find Resources

You may already have citations of relevance to the text on which you are working. These resources will help you find an online or print version of the cited work.

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Guide history

Created for PSYC 470-304: Modern Young Adulthood (Fall 2015).

Updated for PSYC 480-301: Modern Young Adulthood (Fall 2016).

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