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Searching SciFinder

Saving Searches

Saving Searches

  • From the References screen, check the selection boxes for the references that you want to save. Or, to save the entire answer set, either check all the boxes (Select All) or uncheck all the boxes (Deselect All).
  • Click Save.
  •  A Pop-up box will appear choose either save All answers or Only selected answers.
  • Enter a Title for the answer set.
  • (Optional) Enter a Description.
  • Click OK

  • To return to a saved search
  • Go to the Saved Search tab at the top left of the Scifinder homepage.
  • Saved searches are automatically organized by Reference, Substance, or Reactions. 
  • NOTE: This is a stagnant search, it will not update with any new information 
  • It is possible to combine saved searches and edit them at a later point. 


History for each session are automatically saved, this is not as accurate or user friendly as a saved search, but it can be helpful if you forgot to save

  • Previous sessions are saved as word document, with the original query and a summarized process leading to the results.

  • Only the last 3 previous sessions are automatically saved. 

  • Multiple queries can be saved per session

Screen shots throughout this guide are taken from SciFinder and are used with permission from CAS. Copyright 2020 American Chemical Society, all rights reserved.