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WER ZIP Code Changes Report dataset: Home

WER ZIP Code Changes Report

W.E.R. has compiled a data set of Postal ZIP Code changes as reported in United States Postal Service Postal Bulletins covering 1990-2007.

The ZIP Code Changes Report is available for Penn readers only in DBF format. This format can be read by FoxPro or other xBase database management applications; it can also be read by Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and other statistical processing applications. The file consists of 5,131 changes. The file structure consists of 8 variables:


A W.E.R. control number
The affected ZIP Code
State & County FIPS Codes for the affected ZIP Code (5 characters, some with leading zeroes)
Postal abbreviation of State for the affected ZIP Code
County name for the affected ZIP Code
Date when the ZIP Code change will take effect
U.S. Postal Bulletin report
Details of ZIP Code change

WARNING! Comparing this data set with the U.S. Postal Bulletin source shows many more post office changes in the latter. Interested readers should consult the source when concerned about the accuracy of this data set.

File: ZIP_CHNG.DBF - WER's ZIP Code Changes Report (DBF file)
To retain formatting, download the file rather than view it.

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