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Alumni Services: Gale Databases

American Fiction; 1774-1920 Explore thousands of works of fiction written by Americans from the political beginnings of the U.S. through World War I. 
American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society Learn about life in America from colonialism through the twentieth century. Includes American Antiquarian Society periodicals. 
Archives of Sexuality and Gender Research a robust and significant collection of primary sources for the historical study of sex, sexuality, and gender. 
Archives Unbound Gain access to rare primary source documents with these topically focused digital collections. Supports academic research. 
Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture Research The Oliveira Lima Library collection lauded as the finest Luso-Brazillian material available to U.S. scholars. 
British Library Newspapers Find influential national and regional newspapers representing different political and cultural segments of British society. 
British Literary Manuscripts Online Explore a digitized collection of manuscripts of British authors that includes poems, plays, novels, diaries, and more. 
Business Insights: Global Compare global economies, countries, and industries with in-depth analysis on over 400,000 companies. 
Chatham House Online Archive Discover content from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the world-leading independent international affairs policy institute. Search the most authoritative automotive repair information available to car owners. 
China and the Modern World Research China during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; coverage includes diplomacy, economics, imperialism, and more. 
Crime; Punishment; and Popular Culture; 1790-1920 Research crime in the long nineteenth century derived from French, German, Spanish, Australian, British, and U.S. sources. 
Daily Mail Historical Archive Search 100+ years of this major British newspaper, including access to the Atlantic Editions. 

Declassified Documents Online: 20th Century British Intelligence Part 1, An Intelligence Empire

  Search files from the UK National Archives, covering intelligence and security matters between 1905-2002. 

Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library

  Search the full-text of books printed in Arabic script, English, European and Asian translations (1475-1900) in all subjects. 
Eighteenth Century Collections Online Search and explore full-text digital versions of eighteenth-century book titles. 
Financial Times Historical Archive Search the online facsimile of this internationally known daily paper focused on financial and other issues. 
Gale Academic OneFile Quickly access articles from a database of scholarly journals and other trusted periodicals. Best for academic research. 
Gale Directory Library Search, sort, and export a variety of information from multiple premier directories. Best for researchers and marketers. 
Gale eBooks Explore this database of encyclopedias and reference sources within the Gale eBooks platform. For multidisciplinary research. 
Gale General OneFile Access general interest magazines and key serials in a single resource. Best for general research. 
Gale Health and Wellness Search a full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorder information to alternative medical practices. 
Gale In Context: Biography Discover the world's most influential people by searching narrative biographies, news, magazine, and multimedia content. 
Gale In Context: College An engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on a wide array of subjects.
Gale In Context: Environmental Studies Understand environmental issues that affect people globally through topic overviews, journals, news, and multimedia content. 
Gale In Context: Global Issues Analyze important global issues and events through topic overviews, international viewpoints, news, and multimedia content. 
Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints Find overviews, news, and opinions on hundreds of today's important social issues. 
Gale In Context: Science Understand context for hundreds of science topics through overviews, journals, news, interactive experiments, and more. 
Gale In Context: U.S. History Uncover information on hundreds of the most significant people, events, and topics in U.S. history from a variety of sources. 
Gale In Context: World History Uncover information on hundreds of the most significant people, events, and topics in world history from a variety of sources. 
Gale Literary Index Search this digital master index to find coverage of authors and works in products published by Gale.
Gale Literature Gale Literary Sources integrates full-text literary content with metadata and subject indexing and provides workflow tools to analyze information. You can research authors and their works, literary movements and genres. Search across your library's Literature databases to find full text of literary works, journal articles, literature criticism, reviews, biographical information and overviews.
Gale Literature Resource Center Find up-to-date biographies, overviews, full-text criticisms, audio interviews, and reviews on writers from all eras. 
Gale Literature: Book Review Index Quickly access reviews of books, periodicals, books on tape, and electronic media representing a wide range of interests. 
Gale Literature: LitFinder Access literary works and authors throughout history, including full-text poems, plays, short stories, speeches, and more. 
Gale OneFile: Agriculture Access current and authoritative periodical content covering agriculture and its related fields. 
Gale OneFile: Business Understand the activities of companies and industries worldwide through leading business and trade publications. Updated daily. 
Gale OneFile: Communications and Mass Media Search millions of articles covering all aspects of communications, including advertising, public relations, and more. 
Gale OneFile: Computer Science Access leading business and technical publications in the computer, telecommunications, and electronics industries. 
Gale OneFile: Criminal Justice Comprehensive periodical content for researchers  studying law, law enforcement, forensic science, terrorism, and more. 
Gale OneFile: Culinary Arts Find a variety of information from major cooking and nutrition magazines as well as key reference titles. 
Gale OneFile: Diversity Studies Access a range of periodical content to explore cultural differences, contributions, and influences in the global community. 
Gale OneFile: Economics and Theory Discover content useful for starting a business, marketing a product, developing policy, analyzing trends, and more. 
Gale OneFile: Educator's Reference Complete Gain insight on issues in administration, funding, and policy. Best for educators, administrators, and education students. 
Gale OneFile: Entrepreneurship Analyze business insights, tips, strategies, and success stories. Updated daily. Best for business schools and entrepreneurs. 
Gale OneFile: Environmental Studies and Policy Investigate environmental issues with diverse perspectives from the scientific community, policymakers, and corporate interests. 
Gale OneFile: Fine Arts Search millions of articles about drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. Diverse resource for serious fine arts students. 
Gale OneFile: Gardening and Horticulture Find millions of articles on the practical and scientific aspects of horticulture studies. For all horticultural enthusiasts. 
Gale OneFile: Gender Studies Discover balanced coverage of topics related to gender studies, family and marital issues, and more. 
Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine Find up-to-date information on a range of health care topics. Best for students, researchers, and health care professionals. 
Gale OneFile: Hospitality and Tourism Discover well-rounded coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism industries. 
Gale OneFile: Information Science Access articles covering all aspects of managing and maintaining information and technology. Updated daily. 
Gale OneFile: Informe Academico Search across full-text Spanish- and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines from and about Latin America. 
Gale OneFile: LegalTrac Search index of prestigious and comprehensive legal content. Endorsed by the The American Association of Law Libraries. 
Gale OneFile: Military and Intelligence Search scholarly journals, magazines, and reports covering all aspects of past and present military affairs. Updated daily. 
Gale OneFile: News Access major U.S. and international newspapers online to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, or other fields. 
Gale OneFile: Nursing and Allied Health Research full-text titles cited in CINAHL and other resources to support specialized care, treatment, and patient management. 
Gale OneFile: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Access academic journals and magazines covering the fields of physical therapy, physical fitness, and sports medicine. 
Gale OneFile: Pop Culture Studies Access scholarly journals and magazines that both analyze and contribute to popular culture. 
Gale OneFile: Psychology Find authoritative periodical content supporting research in all fields of psychology. 
Gale OneFile: Religion and Philosophy Research the impact of religion on culture throughout history, including literature, arts, and language. Updated daily. 
Gale OneFile: U.S. History Search balanced coverage of events in U.S. history. Best for novice historians and academic researchers. Updated daily. 
Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers Research a vocation, find an appropriate institution of learning, and get assistance on job searches and maintaining a career. 
Gale OneFile: War and Terrorism Gain valuable insight into conflicts and their causes, impact, and perception on a global scale. 
Gale OneFile: World History Access balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field. 
Gale Power Search Gale PowerSearch is a search platform unlike any other, providing libraries with a sophisticated yet simple solution for managing a wealth of periodical, reference, multimedia and primary source information.
Gale Primary Sources Gale Primary Sources is an integrated research environment that allows users to search across all of their Gale primary source collections. Gale Primary Sources takes users beyond a simple search and retrieve workflow, allowing them to analyze content using frequency and term-relationship tools. Through intuitive subject-indexing users will discover new material even in the most familiar of content sets.
Indigenous Peoples of North America Gain insight into the cultural, political, and social history of Native Peoples from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. 
International Herald Tribune Historical Archive; 1887-2013 Includes The New York Herald, European Edition, followed by the New York Herald Tribune and the International Herald Tribune
National Geographic Virtual Library Browse this cross-searchable platform for research insight from journalism's most trusted name in exploration and discovery. 
Nineteenth Century Collections Online Discover primary source collections of the long nineteenth century. Sourced from almost one hundred major world libraries. 
Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers Search newspaper content from the nineteenth century, featuring a range of urban and rural regions throughout the United States. 
Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals Discover the events, lives, values, and themes that shaped the British Empire and the nineteenth-century world. 
Picture Post Historical Archive; 1938-1957 Find every issue of this pioneering photojournalism newspaper. Essential resource for international social and political issues. 
Political Extremism and Radicalism Explore diverse content covering fringe political movements, including campaign materials, periodicals, propaganda, and more. 
Public Health Archives: Public Health in Modern America; 1890-1970 Understand the impact of public health legislation, policies, and campaigns at the local, national, and federal levels. 
Punch Historical Archive; 1841-1992 Search full-text issues from this magazine celebrated for its wit and satire, offering political and cultural insights for its time. 
Refugees, Relief, and Resettlement: Forced Migration and World War II Understand the plight of refugees and displaced persons across Europe, North Africa, and Asia from 1935 to 1950. 
Religions of America Discover the history and unique character of religious movements that originated in the United States and Canada. 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Burney Newspapers Collection Search over 700 newspaper titles and pamphlets from the collection of Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817). 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Nichols Newspapers Collection Search London newspapers and pamphlets gathered by antiquarian and printer John Nichols, held at the Bodleian library in Oxford, UK. 
Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive Research, study, and discover endless teaching possibilities on understanding slavery from a multinational perspective. 
Smithsonian Collections Online Search rare nineteenth and twentieth-century archives on topics like the evolving modes of flight, World's Fairs, and more. 
State Papers Online Search or Browse British State Papers or government documents (1509-1782) and Royal Archive's Stuart and Cumberland Papers. 
The Economist Historical Archive Research global political and economic news and analysis with the source used by top leaders and thinkers. 
The Illustrated London News Historical Archive; 1842-2003 Search the complete digital edition (over 260,000 full color pages) of the world's first illustrated weekly newspaper. 
The Listener Historical Archive; 1929-1991 Enhance your study of twentieth-century British culture as reflected in BBC broadcasts. 
The Making of Modern Law: American Civil Liberties Union Papers Search the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) records on free speech, citizenship, race, discrimination, and other topics. 
The Making of Modern Law: Landmark Records and Briefs of the U.S. Courts of Appeals Discover frequently studied case histories from the U.S. courts of appeals. 
The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926 Search this comprehensive collection of legal treatises on U.S. and British law published from 1800 through 1926. 
The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources Find state and municipal codes, documents relating to constitutional conventions, and other American legal history resources. 
The Making of Modern Law: Trials 1600-1926 Read through full-text documents from Anglo-American trials, including transcripts, printed accounts, arbitrations, and books. 
The Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978 Access an essential primary source tool for the study of all aspects of American history as well as the U.S. judicial system. 
The Making of the Modern World Understand the development of the modern, western world through the lens of trade and wealth. 
The Sunday Times Historical Archive Discover thoughtful analysis and commentary on news and society since 1822. 
The Telegraph Historical Archive Gain fundamental insight into domestic and international affairs with access to both the daily and Sunday editions of The Telegraph
The Times Digital Archive Search over 200 years of this invaluable historical source widely considered to be the world's 'newspaper of record.' 
The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive Study and research the literary activity and critical opinion makers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 
U.S. Declassified Documents Online Access government documents covering major policy issues from before World War II into the twenty-first century. 
Women's Studies Archive Focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries, Women's Studies Archive provides a history of the social, political, and professional aspects of women's lives and offers a look at the roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society. Through avariety of documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, news clippings, organizational records, and journals, it presents a record of the issues that have affected women, societal contributions, social status, and women's movements.
World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean Analyze the history of Latin America and the Caribbean back to the early 1800s through the contemporary period. 
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