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CLST 271: Greek and Roman Medicine: Overview

to support research assignments for this course

Ancient Medicine

Sarcophagus with a Greek Physician

Sarcaphogus with a Greek Physician from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Resources for Primary Texts Available Online

Searching by title will take you to chapters and segments of texts. Go to the volume itself to see introductory material, bibliography, and other useful critical material. To do that you'll want to click on the green volume link in the upper right hand corner, which looks like this: LCL 516

Course texts at the Libraries

Encyclopedias for overviews and context

Additional Resources for Secondary Literature, Background and Context

Use keywords or subject terms to search article databases

These databases will also uncover book chapters along with articles in journals

Research Assistance

Rebecca Stuhr is the librarian specialists for Classical Studies. 
You can arrange  individual appointments or ask questions by email by contacting Rebecca at stuhrreb @ or click the button just below to find a time that works for you:

Rebecca also has office hours  in the Classics Lounge, Cohen Hall 2nd floor:  Mondays 1-2 and Thursdays 12:30-1:30. Feel free to drop in any time.

Picture of eye glasses looking at a book

Keywords and subject terms


Hippocrates; Galen; Soranus; "ancient medicine"; "early greek medicine"; physiology; physicians; pharmacology; herbal; diseases; organs; anatomy; history; "therapeutic method"; women; children; birth; death; gynecology; Gynaecia; pharmacy; botany

Library of Congress Subject headings:

Diet -- history; Philosophy, Medical -- history.; Hippocrates. De diaeta; Medicine--philolosphy; Medicine, Greek and Roman; Medicine, Islamic; Medicine, Arab; Medicine, Persian; Medicine in the Qur'an; History of medicine; obstetrics; Fractures; Epidemics; Prognosis; Medicine, ancient [this phrase goes beyond Greek and Roman to include other countries and cultures]Traditional medicine; Medical archaeology; 

Subject terms for searching Franklin and journal databases

  • Try using "keyword expert" which allows a statement such as (galen or hippocrates) AND (child* OR mother*)
  • or us "subject heading keyword" which allows you to search any term within an established subject heading. Looking for a text that is specifically in print or online? Under Access in the left hand column click on "Online" or "At the library"
  • * after a word truncates that word : thera* (could be therapy or therapeutic)
  • " " around words = a phrase: "history of medicine"

Cupping Vessels for Bloodletting, Greek (Poster Art)
From an Exhibition at the University of Virginia

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