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Race, Racism, & Antiracism Collections at the Penn Libraries

Reading list related to race, racism, and antiracism content

Message to the Penn Community

As a library we humbly present this list of book titles, acknowledging that this title list is only scratching the surface of literature about race that has been published. Please know that the Penn Libraries stands with the black community and people of color and is dedicated to the growth of this collection.

Select Books in the Library Collections

Awareness, Identity, Relations

Health Policy, Medicine, Medical History, & Health Sciences

Health-related Titles suggested by:

Dr. Patricia D’Antonio, PhD, RN, FAAN, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Dr. Arrianna Planey, PhD, University of North Carolina, Dept. of Health Policy and Management 

Particles for Justice/Strike for Black Lives

Justice, Law, and Police Violence

Politics, Political Philosophy, and Social Change

Memory, History, and Historic Change Makers


Select Books Written by the Penn Community

Books about Race, Racism, and Antiracism Written by the Penn Community

Explore Franklin Subject Headings

Explore Franklin Subject Headings

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