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NIH Data Management & Sharing Plan (DMSP)

Guidance for new proposals

Starting January 25, 2023, all new proposals must include a DMSP. Consider the following steps as you prepare:

  1. Read the policy and supplemental guidance.
  2. Read your Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and look at your NIH Institute Center or Offices (ICO) data management and sharing policies. Certain FOA's and ICO's outline specific expectations for data management and sharing on top of the baseline NIH Policy. For example, does your ICO outline a specific repository that all of the data funded through them must be deposited into?
  3. Determine your timeline especially in conjunction with possible external collaborators. If you plan to apply for NIH funding this year, give high priority to developing your DMSP. 
  4. Identify if you can share all or parts of your data. This depends factors like any existing Data Use Agreements, the level of re-identification risk to your population, and any explicit federal, state, local, or Tribal law, regulation, or policy, amongst other things. Unacceptable reasons to limit data sharing include a lack of suitable repository, desire to keep data private to publish on later, data being considered too small, or where the researcher believes there is no anticipated wide use. 
  5. Locate an appropriate repository to deposit your research data and documentation.
  6. Assess your project and data management practices. Consider practices you currently have or need to develop. Research Data & Digital Scholarship and your subject librarians are happy to talk through your workflows and practices.
  7. Review existing standards in your field that you may want to adopt in your project. For example, you may want to adopt the Common Data Elements (CDE), the Human Phenotype Ontology, or the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model
  8. Review campus and school data services. Consider costs for which you will need to budget. The supplemental guidance on allowable costs (NOT-OD-21-015) provides more information. 

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Videos on the DMSP from the NIH & Penn Libraries

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