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ENVS 1615-3-1 Urban Environments: Speaking About Lead In West Philadelphia: Resources

About this Guide

This guide highlights some of the library resources to assist in your research of lead in the environment.

Sign that reads " For use as a motor fuel only, contains Lead (TETRAETHYL)

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Selected E-books on Lead Poisoning

Liaison Librarian

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Melanie Cedrone
Holman Biotech Commons
3610 Hamilton Walk

How to find additional resources

To find additional resources for the topic of Lead Poisoning, begin in Franklin, the library catalog. You may want to use these subject headings when searching for information on this topic. For example,

As you investigate the topic more closely, you will begin to find additional terms that can then be incorporated into your search to find more material. Remember to construct your search using the boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.

  • The OR operator is used to string together like terms/synonyms. (Lead abatement OR Lead remediation)
  • The AND operator is used to combine 2 different concepts. (Lead poisoning AND environmental justice)
  • The NOT operator will remove a topic from your search. (Lead remediation NOT Soil remediation) 
  • Savvy searchers use a combination of AND, OR, NOT when designing their searches (Lead Poisoning OR Lead Toxicology) AND (environmental justice OR environmental racism) AND (Philadelphia OR urban)

If you have any questions about constructing your searches, feel free to reach out to me! 

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