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Community Health Data Base - Penn Libraries data resources: CHDB Demographic Product

Data sets, online data analysis tools, and reports from the biennial Philadelphia-area public health survey conducted by the Public Health Management Corporation.

Overview: CHDB census & vital statistics

Past versions of the CHDB Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey data releases included Profiler, a tool that output mutli-year aggregations of contextual data for small areas within the 5-county SEPA survey area. With the 2012 SEPA HHS data release, the PHMC retired Profiler and released the contextual data in MS Excel spreadsheets and SPSS data files; the current version of the data expand geographic coverage to include Berks County

The CHDB Census & Vital Statistics provide these data:

  • "Census" variables (decennial Census of Population & Housing, 5-year American Community Survey, as reported in the Nielsen/Claritas Pop-Facts Data Base with future estimates)
  • Birth and Birth Outcomes (Pennsylvania Department of Health: birth certificates)
  • Mortality Rates (Pennsylvania Department of Health: death certificates)

for these geographies:

  • County
  • ZIP Code
  • Minor Civil Division (i.e., boroughs, townships)
  • Census Tract (defined for the 2010 Census)
  • Neighborhood (within Philadelphia, defined by PHMC using Census Tracts).

Birth and mortality data are based upon annual averages from 2007-2010, with rates and percentages included.

More information is provided in the documentation:

Available CHDB Census & Vital Statistics data

In addition to these CHDB demographic products, for annual Philadelphia birth and death statistics by census tract and ZIP Code, see:

SubjectYearGeographyData (MS Excel format)
Birth 2007-2010 Counties: All PA counties Birth_2007-2010_county_data_1.xls
Minor civil divisions: 5 suburban counties only Birth_2007-2010_mcd_data_1.xls
Neighborhoods: Philadelphia only Birth_2007-2010_phila_nbh_data_1.xls
Census tracts (2000 Census): Philadelphia only Birth_2007-2010_phila_tract_data_1.xls

ZIP Codes for all PA: 17xxx, 18xxx, 19xxx

Mortality 2007-2010 Counties: All PA counties Mortality_2007-2010_county_data_1.xls
Minor civil divisions: 5 suburban counties only Mortality_2007-2010_mcd_data_1.xls
Neighborhoods: Philadelphia only Mortality_2007-2010_phila_nbh_data_1.xls
Census tracts (2000 Census): Philadelphia only Mortality_2007-2010_phila_tract_data_1.xls
ZIP Codes for all PA: 17xxx, 18xxx, 19xxx Mortality_2007-2010_zipcode_data_1.xls
"Census" 2010, 2013, 2018 Counties: All PA counties Census_10_13_18_cnty_data_1.xlsx
Minor civil divisions: 5 suburban counties + Philadelphia Census_10_13_18_mcd_data_1.xlsx
Neighborhoods: Philadelphia only Census_10_13_18_nbh_data_1.xlsx
Census tracts (2000 Census): 6 counties Census_10_13_18_tract_data_1.xlsx
ZIP Codes for 6 counties Census_10_13_18_zip_data_1.xlsx

A ZIP-archive of SPSS *.sav-format files is also available: