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European Union - Research Guide: Overview


Image of the EU flag of yellow stars


Created in the aftermath of WWII as the EEC (European Economic Community), the EU is an economic and political partnership between 27 European member states that covers much of the continent together.

European Council


Other Institutions and Interinstitutional Bodies

Decentralized Agencies

There are currently over 30 decentralized EU agencies.  Decentralized agencies contribute to the implementation of EU policies. They also support cooperation between the EU and national governments by pooling technical and specialist expertise and knowledge from both the EU institutions and national authorities. Decentralized agencies are spread across Europe and work on issues affecting the everyday lives of nearly 450 million people living in the EU. Examples include food, medicine, justice, transport safety, drug addiction, and the environment.

Euratom Agencies and Bodies

There are 2 Euratom agencies and bodies set up to support the aims of the European Atomic Energy Community Treaty (EURATOM, 1957). The aims of the Treaty are to coordinate national nuclear research programs for peaceful purposes, to provide knowledge, infrastructure, and funding for nuclear energy, and to ensure sufficient and secure nuclear energy supplies.

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