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Canvas Support for Faculty and Staff: Using Canvas On Mobile Devices

What is the Canvas mobile app?

The Canvas app provides the ability to access Canvas content and many of the features of the system on your mobile device. Search for "Canvas by Instructure" in the App Store or on Google Play Store. The app is free of charge to users. 

What features work on the mobile app?

Some tools like Conferences and Collaborations are NOT supported on the Canvas Mobile App. Other features have limited support by device. For a chart outlining all support features by device please see:

What devices support the Canvas mobile app?

The Canvas Mobile App is supported on both Android and iOs devices. For information by device, please see the guides below.

What if the mobile app doesn't support the tool I need?

In the event the tool/feature you need is not available on the mobile app, we recommend trying to access Canvas via a browser on your mobile device.

For instructions on iOs devices please see:

For instructions on on Android devices please see:

For issues or questions please contact:

What is the SpeedGrader app?

The SpeedGrader app is a free app for instructors/TAs that allows access to view and grade assignments on Anrdoid phones and tablets, as well as iOS tablets. Currently, it's not possinle to use the SpeedGrader app on iOS phones.

The guide for using this tool is available here: