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Searching Japanese Databases and Catalogs: Starting Points

This guide features important general and subject-specific Japanese databases and catalogs that allow you to search for articles, books, and other research materials in Japan and the United States.

General Searching

Start here with these databases for general searching, when you want to your search to include books, articles, dissertations, research papers, working and white papers, conference papers and presentations, and other material. Google Scholar is helpful for looking up known citations and exploring resources stemming from those, but not as good for starting a search. NDL Search provides a search for a wide variety of materials held by the National Diet Library.

Research in Japan

How to get access to archives, libraries, and museums in Japan, and how to do research once you're there.

Library Catalogs

Book catalogs not only allow you to obtain books at Penn, but also provide information about which libraries in Japan hold a book, as well as summaries of content (such as chapters and authors in an edited volume). Use these catalogs to begin your search.

Theses and More

You may want to find dissertations and theses related to your topic, especially if a given scholar has not yet published a book on the topic. Use these databases to find and obtain these and other research papers.

Subject Guide

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Library and Online Resource Presentations

These are slides from some of Molly's library workshops, including Penn-specific resources and services as well as online catalogs and databases.