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SOCI 006 - Race & Ethnic Relations: Data sources

Demographic data sources for race and ethnicity

Public opinion/Social survey sources for race and ethnicity

Several data archives provide access to public opinion polls and social surveys. Typically, three forms of access might be provided:

  • Downloadable microdata datasets, either in SPSS or other statistical-software format or in ASCII-text format with SPSS or other software "setup" files. You will need to use statistical software, you may need to apply weights to the raw data to create population estimates.
  • Crosstabulation tools, providing data exploration and simple statistics for variables within the dataset.
  • Question databases, offering fulltext searching among questions on survey questionnaires, with frequency-response reports for each question. If you're lucky, you'll find questions with similar wording re-used over many years so that you'll be able to construct a trendline.