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Mexican Studies: News, Government and Politics

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News Sources

Photograph of Amlo voting 

El voto de AMLO, Wikimedia Commons

Government and Politics

Please note that there are two sources of government (and other subjects) information that are quite old and have not been maintained.  Yet, they remain the most comprehensive lists available. Even in the case of Governments on the WWW, which has not been modified since 2002, a surprisingly high number of links still work and, more importantly, the institutions or agencies associated with the links could not be easily identified otherwise. In other words, the list is still useful as a list of, for example, the names of government departments and agencies of a particular country, or the names of every state, province, or municipality. Much the same is true for the Latin American Network Information Center, or LANIC, which was launched in 1992, but has not been maintained since about 2015. There are LANIC pages for each country: LANIC Ecuador; LANIC Bolivia; LANIC Peru.

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