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HIST 349: History of Sexuality: Special collections and libraries

Microfilm Collections at Penn

  • ACT-UP/New York Records (Microtext Call Number: Microfilm 4552, guide to collection:
  • Margaret Sanger Papers, includes Planned Parenthood  (Microfilm: 4455 and 4456; guides available)
  • Emma Goldman Papers (microfilm 4422)
  • Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933-1945 (Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfilm 3696)
  • President's Commission on the Status of Women (Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfilm 4489)
  • Sex & sexuality, 1640-1940: literary, medical and sociological perspectives (Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfilm 4420)
  • Sex research: early literature from statistics to erotica / Alfred C Kinsey Institute for Sex Research Library (Van Pelt Microtext Center: Microfilm 4381)

Special Collections at Penn

Other Local Libraries