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Science Communication: Databases

Resources on the art and science of communicating science to lay audiences.

Drawn images of scientific symbols, telescope, beakers, DNA.

Databases on this page are divided into two groups, Communication/ Social and General Sciences, and Specific Science Areas. Keep in mind, however, there is plenty of science in the first group which includes Scopus and Web of Science. Also, in databases grouped under Specific Science Areas you will find treatments of communication issues specific to those fields. For a topic like how climate change is communicated you will find literature in, say, Communication Source from the perspective of communication and media scholars but you may also want to pursue this topic from within particular scientific fields. You would likely check into Environmental Abstracts, GreenFILE, and others. Always consider adjusting your search strategies depending on where you are searching. A term like "communication" or "media" won't be as powerful on the "comm" side of things as it will be in Agricola where less science-based concepts are rarer. Then again, a word like "media" is all over the place as you move between disciplines so prepare to do some sorting of returns! 

Communication/Social and General Sciences

Specific Science Areas

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