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Searching SciFinder

SciFinder: A CAS Solution

Using the SciPlanner

What is SciPlanner

SciPlannerTM is an interactive workspace included in the Scifinder subscription. This is free to use and acts as a Lab notebook for your research. SciPlanner can be used to organize search results, plan syntheses projects, and see a visual layout of reactions. It is also linked to the Scifinder databases in "real time" to stay up to date with the latest information. 

The recommended uses of SciPlanner include: 

  • Building retro synthetic alternatives –Save time and money by compiling multiple reactions together across different documents. 

  • Compare synthetic routes – Choose the best option using the side-by-side comparison possibilities

  • Share projects; Project can be shared with in an organization, see "share a project" for more information 


Send to SciPlanner

After completing your search and finding the result you are interested in select the result and save it using the green send to SciPlanner tool in the upper left

Screenshot of result

It is possible to save References, Substances, or Reactions to SciPlanner

Using Workspace

  • To input references, substances, or reactions, select and drag the information into the workspace from the saved options on the right side of the page.  

Screenshot showing options on right side of page

  • The tools at the top left of the workspace are, in order from left to right; New Workspace, Open Workspace, Save Workspace, Clear Workspace, Delete Workspace, and Run Reaction

Screenshot of workspace options

  • Use the Run Reaction tool to select a reactant and a productExample of running a reaction
  • Press ok and SciPlanner will search for the reaction 
  • This can be used to combine, simplify, and search for information on complex reactionsExample of showing reaction detail
  • It is also possible to view the details about any substance or step in SciPlanner without leaving the page with the original informationExample of viewing the details of a substance, including CAS registery name
  • It is even possible to search for references which contain the steps of the reactionScreenshot of search for references in a reaction step

Share a Project

Under the Workspaces tab it is possible to export information from Scifinder workspace, when exporting the information be sure to select the details you would like to keep 

Screenshot highlighting "Saving Locally" and "SciPlanner exchange"

It is also possible to save the information in a way which it can be accessed by other Scifinder users,

  • Selecting SciPlanner exchange, under saving locally
  • Choose a file name
  • Click Export
  • Share the file and information with your coworkers to allow them access


Screenshot highlighting "Saving Locally" and "SciPlanner exchange"


Screen shots throughout this guide are taken from SciFinder and are used with permission from CAS. Copyright 2020 American Chemical Society, all rights reserved.

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