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URBS 300: Evaluating Articles

Evaluating Information

Some questions to help evaluate research, from the Boston College Libraries:

Evaluating Articles

For some classes, you will be asked  to focus your research on scholarly articles. Scholarly articles (also known as peer-reviewed, refereed, or academic articles)  are distinguished by going through the peer review process, in which they are evaluated and given feedback by experts in a field. 

How can you tell whether an article is peer-reviewed? See "verifying peer-review" for more information. 

Publication Types

 Publications can be broken down into three general types: scholarly, popular, &  professional (or trade.) For an overview of these publication types, see . (Click on the table below for larger type.) 

Rutgers University Libraries. (2016). Journal types: A comparative chart. Retrieved from

For information on video, see the Penn Library Lounge's video "Scholarly & Popular Articles."