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French Revolution Research Collection Microfilm Set: Home

French Revolution Research Collection Microfilm Set

French Revolution Research Collection / Images of the French Revolution - Microform Collection

French Revolution Research Collection / Images of the French Revolution

The French Revolution research collection = Les archives de la rivolution frangaise [microform]. Twelve sections. Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1990-1995. Microfiche.

Images de la Rivolution Frangaise = Images of the French Revolution [videorecording]. Paris: Biblioth que nationale; Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1990. Videodisc [NTSC format].



French Revolution research collection: 1,145,000+ pages on microfiche Images de la Rivolution Frangaise: 15,000 items in 38,000+ images



French Revolution research collection. Microform reproductions of items selected from the collections of the Bibliothique nationale. Selection criteria vary among sections, as explained in section guides.

Images de la Rivolution Frangaise. Electronic images of color slides of approximately 12,000 prints, 2,000 drawings, and 1,000 coins, medals, and other objects selected from the collections of the Bibliothique nationale, covering the years 1787-1799 and "directly concerned with the Revolution", in addition to France at the end of the 18th century, 19th-century political controversies, and Revolution celebrations/commemorations up to World War II.



French Revolution research collection. Twelve sections.

  • Common Core Sections
    1. Newspapers
    2. Memoirs and histories
    3. Basic printed collections
    4. Bibliographical and research tools
  • Thematic Sections
    5. Pre-Revolutionary debate
    6. Political themes
    6.1 Local government
    6.2 Extra-Parliamentary politics
    6.3 Political authors
    7. Resistance to the Revolution
    8. Religion
    9. The reorganization of society
    9.1. Abolition of the corporate society and feudalism
    9.2. The countryside
    9.3. Towns and townspeople
    9.4. Women and the family
    9.5. Public assistance
    10. The economy
    10.1. Policy, trade, and finance
    10.2. Agriculture
    10.3. Industry and technology
    11. War and the colonies
    11.1. The army and the navy
    11.2. The colonies

Images de la Rivolution Frangaise. Seven sections.

  1. The events of the Revolution 5.
  2. Themes in art and culture 6.
  3. Archives and documents 7.
  4. Commemorations and celebrations of the Revolution
  5. The Revolution and 19th-century polemics
  6. France at the end of the 18th century
  7. Revolutionary collections at the BN and the videodisc



French Revolution research collection. Each section has a separate guide. Guides contain bilingual introductory essays describing section scope, selection criteria, and organization, and providing topical and bibliographical apparatus, and a catalog of the section items arranged by item number, indicating author, title, imprint , page count, and fiche count. Each guide includes an author index. It is expected that a comprehensive index, for conceptual and thematic entries and for names, places, events, titles, and authors, will be published upon completion of all sections.

Images de la Rivolution Frangaise. Bilingual booklet (in videodisc container) provides frame-count access to sections, chapters, and episodes. Three-volume catalog describes methodology and provides subject dictionaries and index [vol. 1] and bibliographic entries with subject indexing [vols. 2 and 3].



Maclure collection of French revolutionary materials. 1460 volumes.
[Van Pelt Special Collections]
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 1927]
Approximately 20,000 pamphlets published in France, by and large between 1788 and 1802, documenting French Revolutionary political and economic concerns, and political processes during the Revolution, in great depth. The original collection is held in Van Pelt Special Collections.



French Revolution research collection
Van Pelt Microforms: Microfiche 771
Images de la Rivolution Frangaise
Van Pelt Ormandy Listening Center: Bib. Nat. [1] LD
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