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Events and Outreach Guide: Tools

Tools & Resources


Planning Tools


There are a myriad of details to take into account when planning your event.  These checklists provide you with a suggested list of things to consider to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. 


Planning far enough in advance will ensure that your planning process will run smoothly and that any unexpected developments can be addressed appropriately.  Use our suggested timelines to help you create a planning schedule that works best for you.

Branding and Promotion


Our outreach events are opportunities for us to represent the Penn Libraries.  It's important for us to incorporate the branding requirements and guidelines set by Library Communications. 

University of Pennsylvania Branding Guide that includes:

  • Information about logos, branding guidelines, color, typography, and accessibility

Full Penn Libraries Branding Guide

Quick Reference Guide that includes:

  • Key info about logo, font, and color, and the minimum branding requirements

The preferred nomenclature for our organization is “the Penn Libraries.”  Please refer to Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center as “Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center” and not just “Van Pelt.”


Library staff are encouraged to promote their events using their networks and contacts in their academic community (hanging up flyers, emailing academic listservs, or using personal social media accounts).

Learn more about all the Penn Libraries social media accounts and news sites.

Use the Campus Bulletin Board map to identify where you are allowed to post flyers on campus. For flyering in the residential colleges, contact Campus Housing and Academic Services at (215) 898-5551 or bring 220 print copies to Stouffer Commons roughly 2 weeks before you'd like them distributed. 

The Events and Outreach Working Group is also keeping a running list of various newsletters and mailing lists for groups across campus. Contact us for more information.

Contact Monica Fonorow if you want to...

  • promote through official Penn Libraries social media accounts and news sites
  • share information with University Communications
  • get guidance on Penn Libraries branding requirements
  • approach (or are approached by) members of the media. 

Assets and Supplies

Outreach Events Closet

Materials for library outreach events are housed in the 109 closet. (Map)
You can check out a key at the Lippincott Desk. Write what you have taken on the sign out sheet in the closet. You should return materials when you have finished the event. If we are running low on supplies, email
Feel free to add materials, but know that the things in the closet are for everyone's use. We have: foam board, sign holders, easels, tablecloths, promotional materials, etc.

Library Spaces

Wondering where to host an event?  Check out the Libraries' Spaces page for reservable space. 

It has information on details for rooms and how to reserve. If you are reserving a space on LibCal and have admin rights, please don't book from the backend unless you are person responsible for the room; instead, use the forward-facing interface.

There are also spaces in the library that are reservable by library staff only through Outlook. Those include

  • Adler/Lachs Family Seminar Room (627)
  • Class of '54 Teaching Seminar Room (302)
  • Class of '55 Conference Room (241)
  • Cusack Family Seminar Room (629)
  • Kislak Center Seminar Rooms (625 & 626)
  • Meyerson Conference Room (223)
  • Vice Provosts Conference Room (236)
  • Weigle Teaching Seminar Room (402)

Please contact Aleta Arthurs for assistance in reserving these spaces.