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Cinema & Media Studies: CIMS 103

Vintage television set, local television station control room, a family watching television in a living room in 1958, a TV test pattern image, a man browsing through streaming program options, a small vintage TV showing Superman, analog television with round knobs for channel and volume

Van Pelt's Television Stacks Demystified

Cinema & Media Studies stacks map for the call no. range PN1993-1999 on Van Pelt's 3rd Floor, East. PN1993 Films in general, by country. PN 1994 Film theory. PN1995 Specific themes, topics, genres. PN1996 Screenwriting. PN1997 Screenplays. PN1998 Biographies of directors and other figures. PN1999 Studios & the film industry.

Television Related Call Numbers

HE8689-HE8700 - Radio and Television Broadcasting
PN1990-PN1992.92 - Broadcasting
PN1992-PN1992.92 - Television Broadcasts
TK5101-TK6720 - Telecommunications

CIMS 103 VP stacks mini-tour

Instagram logo. Take a mini-tour of the CIMS stacks in Van Pelt!